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E-News Update
September 08

> Perstorp on acquisition trail

> ADN technology rights questioned

Materials News
Machinery News
rubber journal asia
Injection Moulding asia

Pipe symposium 2008 in Vienna, Austria – 19 and 25 September

Cincinnati Extrusion, together with its partner companies, will offer comprehensive insights into pipe extrusion. The symposium is held in conjunction with the Plastics Pipe Conference XIV, which is scheduled to take place in Budapest, Hungary, from 22-24 September.



Lead Feature

Asia – Sabic IP’s fastest growth sector

Charlie Crew, President/CEO of Sabic Innovative Plastics

            In our lead story, we speak to Charlie Crew who provides a perspective on the engineering thermoplastic company’s business focus in Asia. Charlie Crew, the recently appointed President/CEO of Sabic Innovative Plastics (Sabic IP), started with GE Plastics, which was bought by Sabic last year to form Sabic IP, in 1977 and has been President/CEO of LNP Engineering Plastics With more than 30 years experience under his belt, Crew’s most recent post, before taking over as CEO, was Vice-President and General Manager of Sabic IP's global ventures business. He succeeds Brian Gladden who left the company to become CFO of computer company Dell.
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Company News

Perstorp on acquisition trail
The Swedish chemical group Perstorp has acquired the TDI and HDI production activities of Rhodia Organics and Lyondell Chimie, which is its sixth in a short period of time. With sales of SEK7 billion in 2006, the recent acquisition increases Perstorp’s sales by 30% to SEK16 billion and increases its number of employees to 2,700. Perstorp already has production in 11 countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia and is now adding on two new production plants: one in Le Pont-de-Claix, France, and other in Texas, US.
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BASF bundles its styrenics for future prospects
BASF, which announced last year it was selling its styrenics activity, will re-organise the business into new subsidiaries by 2009, to make it more attractive to prospective buyers. It will also add on the styrene co-polymer business, which includes plants in Ludwigshafen and Schwarzheide, Germany, as well as global marketing, sales and logistics activities.
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ExxonMobil steps up compounding in Asia

ExxonMobil Chemical has established a compounding agreement with Singapore-based Resin & Pigment Technologies (R&P) to improve its supply in Asia Pacific. R&P, a subsidiary of EnGro, will manufacture a broad range of ExxonMobil’s speciality compounds for use in automotive interior and exterior applications, appliances and consumer products.
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ADN technology rights questioned
Invista has filed a lawsuit in the US alleging that Rhodia and DuPont are teaming up to misappropriate Invista’s adiponitrile (ADN) technology and are unlawfully using its trade secrets to expand in the nylon chemicals business. ADN is a critical intermediate chemical used in the manufacture of nylon 6.6. Invista bought the ADN technology several years ago from DuPont as part of a US$4.2 billion transaction that included DuPont signing an agreement prohibiting it from competing against Invista or making investments in competitors for an agreed period, which has yet to expire. As for Rhodia, Invista says it obtained unlawful access to the trade secrets through a France-based joint venture between affiliates of Invista and Rhodia.
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Acrylics firm up for sale
Acrylics material producer Lucite International may soon be put on the market with a price tag of £1·3 billion or opt for a public listing. Potential bidders include Mitsubishi Rayon, Dow Chemical, BASF and Asahi Kasei. The company was put up for sale by Deutsche Bank in 2006 but the process was abandoned when it did not reach the asking price of US$2·5 billion. Later that year, UK-based Lucite commercialised its Alpha technology, which reduces the cost of manufacturing methyl methacrylate by 40%, by setting up a plant in Singapore.
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Joint venture for automotive compounds
Borealis and Mitsubishi Chemical are teaming up to supply a standard range of automotive PP compounds in Europe and the US. Borealis will use its Borstar technology to make PP compounds in accordance with a formula developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Europe and licensed by Japan Polypropylene Corporation, which is a joint venture between Mitsubishi and Chisso Corporation.   With this co-operation, the companies will be able to supply global automotive manufacturers compounds that have similar formulas. Borealis has PP compounding facilities in Europe and Brazil (through a joint venture with Braskem) and Mitsubishi in Japan, the US, China, Thailand and India.

Matsui files lawsuit against Kawata
Auxiliary equipment supplier Matsui is suing Kawata for infringing patent rights on its Aero Power Hopper. Matsui wants Kawata to terminate the production and sales of its Power Reduction Hopper and is also seeking compensation from losses incurred thereof. Introduced in 1989, the Aero Power Hopper is capable of blending and removing fine particles from materials. Matsui says it notified Kawata of the infringement a year ago and since Kawata maintains its stand that the patent is invalid, it has resorted to legal means.
But this is not the first lawsuit filed by Matsui against its Japanese compatriot. Matsui filed a similar lawsuit in May this year stating that Kawata had infringed patent rights of its granulator.

Ciba expands to the Middle East
Additives supplier Ciba has entered into a joint venture agreement with Astra Polymers of Saudi Arabia to produce and sell customer specific antioxidant blends to customers in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. Known as Ciba-Astra Additives, the joint venture company will be based in Saudi Arabia. The two companies will also study the feasibility of building an antioxidant plant in Saudi Arabia. Ciba will be the majority owner of the new company. Astra Polymers is part of Astra Industrial, a manufacturer of black, white and coloured masterbatch, dust-free additives, custom-made thermoplastic compounds and liquid or paste-based colourants.

Materials News

Greening the industry in Asia
Elsewhere, the greening of the plastics industry, for so long the symbol of a throw-away culture, is rightly involving the consumer in a more direct way. From North America to Europe and Thailand to Ghana, bio is finally getting deservedly serious play.  The EU plans for 100% bio-plastics use from 2010, while demand for biodegradable plastic in the US is forecast to expand nearly 16% per year to 326,587 tonnes in 2012, valued at US$845 million. Myriad opportunities are anticipated based on a more realistic pricing structure, increased competitiveness with petroleum-based polymers and growing environmental, governmental and consumer initiatives for greater use of sustainable resources.
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Waste not, want not

Waste management companies across the world are said to be turning their sights on landfills, not to throw more rubbish but to dig up long buried stuff, especially old plastic. It is reported that in North America, Europe and across Asia, industry experts have started pilot projects of this nature.
In Britain alone, landfill sites could offer up an estimated 200 million tonnes of old plastic -- worth almost US$120 billion at current prices – that can be recycled or converted to liquid fuel. Prices for high-quality plastics such as HDPE have more than doubled to between US$370 and US$560 per tonne, from just above US$200 a year ago. Indeed, leaders of the world's waste management industry are planning to meet in London in October for the first ever global landfill mining conference (

Plastics down in the dumps?
Sure, the global economy is showing troubling signs. The biggest economy in the world is grappling with the fallout from a financial crisis, Japan and the European zone are said to be on the verge of a recession and the emerging markets, though showing surprising resilience so far, are nervously keeping vigil over riotous rising prices.
Then of course, there is oil, which is seeing its love-hate relationship with the industry being put to its sternest test yet, the tension arising from which is threatening to wobble the knees of every sector of every economy. But specifically in the case of plastics, which are mostly made from oil that looks set to stay above US$100 a barrel for some time, will the industry really go to the dumps? Apparently so, and none too soon either.

Machinery News

Mini Munchy edge trim recycling machine

Asia important for Munchy
Recycling machinery manufacturer Munchy has expanded its global sales network with the appointment of Federal Equipment Corp. to represent it in Taiwan and China. Other Asian countries Munchy is represented include Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Japan.
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Heavy-duty bag market growing

Bandera’s highlight of its lines is its double air ring technology

The market for heavy-duty bags (HDB) is expected to grow at a rate of 5% a year until 2010, says Italian machine maker Luigi Bandera. Asia is also expected to lead the growth as it currently utilises 36% of the 35 million tonnes produced.
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Largest ever Chinese order for Brückner
Brückner Formtec has clinched a deal for six twin-screw extruder sheet lines from a Chinese manufacturer of APET products. Four of the lines will have a thickness range of 150-1,200 microns, with the other two ranging from 500-1,800 microns for polished thick films. The lines feature multi-layer co-extrusion feedblocks and roll stacks with two-step polishing as well as a turret winder with multi-web in-line slitting.
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Macchi’s versatile winder for cast stretch films

Macchi views the Asian countries of India and Korea as potential markets for its cast film lines

Italian machine maker Macchi has introduced a winder for its Cast Flex high-speed cast stretch film line that allows the production of jumbo rolls of stretch film without any major changes to it. According to Product Manager Paolo Ripamonti, “The film market has changed significantly in recent years. In the past, converters were more concerned with producing high volumes of single types of product. Today, companies need to be able to make frequent product changes that don't result in large quantities of scrap. That is why we have concentrated our recent development effort on a highly versatile winder.” click here for full story

Film measuring system reduces material costs
Having successfully sold its system in Japan, in combination with the SmartLip thickness profile control, the VenPad film gauge measuring system developed by Octagon Process Technology has proven its worth on blown film lines, said Peter Keim Area Sales Manager. Major Taiwanese customers include blown film line producers like Fong Kee and Lung Meng, said Keim recently. He also said that two units had been installed in Thailand to Manee Mongkol and Pornslip, both of which are using Fong Kee lines. “It not only saves material but also allows for downgauging, quality control and precision,” said Keim, adding that its use was especially required in high end product processing.
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Exhibition News

High-tech push for Japanese show
In a move that can be said to be unprecedented, organisers of the International Plastic Fair or IPF show, invited journalists to Japan for a preview of the show recently. The reason for this was, according to Minoru Shibata, Chief Director of IPF, to rustle up more publicity for the show due to competition from other Asian shows (the one highlighted at the press conference was none other than Chinaplas in China).
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Thailand banks on the automotive sector
“If Thailand was a car, it could be said that we would be racing in the fast lane to become the centre of global automotive manufacturing,” said Dr Atchaka Sibunruang Brimble from the Ministry of Industry for Automotive and Electronic parts, at the opening ceremony of Interplas Thailand. An appropriate statement indeed since the country’s manufacturing sector is spurred by the automotive industry. In fact, in the first quarter of the year, Thailand produced 360,000 cars up by 24.5% compared to the same period last year. And the Ministry’s goal is to produce 1.8 million cars by 2011.
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Asia Pacific to be a hub for processing
Speaking at the 2008 installment of the Aseanplas exhibition in Singapore, Erhard Wienkamp, Chairman of the Board of Messe Duesseldorf Asia (MDA), the organiser of the show, said that the Asia Pacific region will be the largest processor of plastics and rubber by 2010. The region will generate 43% of the total global production estimated at 304 million tonnes, surpassing the US (27%) and Europe (25%).
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A date to keep in Milan
The triennial Plast show will be back at the Milan fairground in Rho next year from 24-28 March. The show will be held concurrently with Ipack-Ima, Grafitalia and Converflex, dedicated to the packaging, graphic arts and converting sectors respectively. The organiser (Promaplast supported by Assocomaplast and Euromap) says that to date 1,000 exhibitors from 30 countries have signed up to participate in the Italian plastics and rubber show. Events lined up include a seminar on composite materials and the second conference edition of plastics and agriculture, as well as a highlight on products made from recycled plastics. Further information on the show can be obtained from



Rubber Journal Asia

Visual inspection of tyres using geometry measurement
Ron Symens, President, Commercial Time Sharing, The Poling Group in Akron, US, says that for tyre manufacturers that use line lasers, and also integrate their uniformity equipment with upper level computers, the follow-on value of automated visual inspection using uniformity geometry data is generally within reach. He says these same manufacturers are also well-positioned to leverage existing final finish equipment to provide follow-on value similar to that described for optical character recognition.
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. Injection Moulding Asia


Why small tonnage machines?
Small tonnage injection moulding machinery producer Dr Boy, which developed its first small machine in the 1960s, examines the advantages of using this type of machine compared to a large tonnage one.

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Polyurethanes Asia

Staying at the top of its field

Cannon occupies a large market share in China’s refrigerator sector with Haier being one of its leading customers

As the Chinese populace has become more affluent so have their purchasing habits, especially in consumer products. One company that has been reaping the benefits of the booming growth in the refrigerator and automotive markets is Singapore-based Cannon Far East (CFE), together with its Chinese subsidiary Zhongshan Shinnon, which was established three years ago in Guangdong.
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