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September 08

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BASF bundles its styrenics for future prospects
BASF, which announced last year it was selling its styrenics activity, will re-organise the business into new subsidiaries by 2009, to make it more attractive to prospective buyers. It will also add on the styrene co-polymer business, which includes plants in Ludwigshafen and Schwarzheide, Germany, as well as global marketing, sales and logistics activities.

The original sale plan included the styrene monomer, PS, SBC and ABS businesses with plants in Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and India. Now, the co-polymer businesses have been added on, namely the Luran SAN, Luran HH AMSAN, Luran S ASA, Terblend N ABS/PA, Terluran HH high heat ABS, Terlux MABS and Styroflex SBS brands. The styrenics and co-polymers businesses employ around 1,600 employees and had sales of about EUR4 billion in 2007. BASF will retain the styrenic foams business for the construction and packaging industries as part of its Performance Polymers division.

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