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Floating house rides the floods

A house capable of floating in flood waters made its debut recently in New Orleans, US. It has been designed by American Morphosis Architects, under the direction of architect and UCLA Professor Thom Mayne. Known as the Float House, it is the first floating house permitted in the US for actor Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation (MIRF). But what is interesting for the plastics industry is that the house floats on a base made from polystyrene (PS) foam.

Though its architecture is along the lines of traditional New Orleans shotgun homes (complete with the porch), the house has contemporary features like the solar panels and a roof designed to capture and recycle water.

It sits on a raised 1.2 m base and, in the event of flooding, the base of the house acts as a raft, allowing the house to rise vertically on guide posts up to 3.6 m as the water levels rise. The prefabricated PS foam base is coated in glass fibre-reinforced concrete, which hosts essential equipment to supply power, water and fresh air.

While not designed for occupants to remain inside during a hurricane, the structure aims to minimise catastrophic damage. This approach also allows for the early return of occupants in the aftermath of a hurricane or a flood.

The technology was developed and is in use in the Netherlands where architects and developers are working to address an increased demand for housing in the face of rising sea levels associated with climate change.

Since the house was designed in line with the MIRF’s aims to provide affordable and sustainable housing, especially in flood prone areas like New Orleans (that was badly affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005), imagine how useful this house could be in Asia’s low lying areas.

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E-News Update
October 2009
Rajoo defies industry trends




Lead Feature

Palm oil-based additives make their way to the US

Malaysian plastics and rubber additives supplier Performance-Additives Sdn Bhd, which markets a renewably-sourced range of products that is made from palm oil, is expanding its market base by setting up sales and marketing activities in the US. The additives are targeted at the wood composites (plastic/wood chip or flour composites) or WPC market, which is a sizeable one in the US (valued at US$3.4 billion it is expected to grow 9.2% annually until 2013, driven by advantages over natural wood).

Performance-Additives’s head office and production plant, with a capacity of 12,000 tonnes/year, are located in Malaysia. PRA spoke to Managing Director Michael Wolers to find out more about the products and the development work.
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Company News

Thai company appeals suspension
PTT or the Petroleum Authority of Thailand is appealing an injunction issued by the country’s Supreme Administrative Court to government agencies to temporarily suspend chemical projects in Rayong.
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Largest producer of plasticiser in Europe
Evonik Industries has commissioned a 60,000 tonnes/year plant for the production of 2-PH plasticiser at the Marl Chemical Park in Germany.
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Things looking up for chemical companies
With both Sabic and BASF reporting better profits and Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) restoring a full working week at its German site, does this mean that things are looking up in the industry?
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Chemical giants lend support to patent index
Dow Chemical and BASF have teamed up to support the Patent Asset Index, which is a new methodology that measures R&D effectiveness, innovation strength and how these factors lead to sustained competitive advantage.
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Plant shut downs still go on
While there may be signs of an uplift in the business, chemical companies like Clariant, Borealis, Ineos and BASF are still shutting down facilities in oversupplied markets.
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Chinese company to produce PP and HDPE
Yulin Energy and Chemical of the Yanchang Petroleum Group has licensed Ineos Technologies’s Innovene PP and HDPE technologies for its facilities in Shaanxi province.
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Materials News


All wired up with Noryl
Hong Kong-based wire/cable OEM manufacturer LTK Industries is applying an eco-friendly material, in place of PVC, for its wiring in consumer electronics.
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Dow takes a step forward in the footwear industry
Dow Europe, together with Italy-based API, has introduced a range of materials for the manufacture of crosslinked (XL) foamed parts for the footwear industry.
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Rotor blade testing expanded
By having expanded its application laboratory for epoxy resin systems at its Ludwigshafen site, BASF now offers the capability to study the production of components made from fibre-reinforced epoxy resins, such as wind turbine rotor blades.
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Film resins for the Asian market
Dow Chemical has introduced new materials for film converters, especially for use in food and speciality packaging, industrial and consumer packaging and health and hygiene applications.
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Medical grade PC suitable for home sterilisation
Developed by Bayer MaterialScience (BMS), a new heat-resistant Makrolon PC grade allows for sterilisation using hot steam or boiling water.
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New mask effective for HINI virus
US company Cantel Medical, a provider of infection prevention and control products, has made a strategic investment in Biosafe and plans to incorporate the Biosafe antimicrobial additive in a number of its products.
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Resin promotes downgauging
Double-digit savings from downgauging is one of the features of a new grade of medium-density PE targeted at agricultural, industrial and food packaging films.
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Machinery News

Easy-to-clean granulators
Auxiliary equipment manufacturer Zerma has improved its GSC and GSE granulator series to allow for easy maintenance.
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Rajoo defies industry trends
Indian extrusion technology company Rajoo Engineers has come out smelling like roses by recording an outstanding year, unlike its Western machinery compatriots. While these companies are facing a challenging year, the Rajkot-based machinery manufacturer upped its revenue by 20% to US$11 million and had 20% higher profit after tax. The company that makes blown film and sheet extrusion machinery also scored in the export market with 45% of its sales coming from overseas.

Exhibition News

Propak Vietnam is the real McCoy!
In every industry there are imitators trying to make a quick buck. The latest to be hit is the Propak Vietnam exhibition that is not to be confused by a show calling itself Propack Vietnam, which is an attempt by a local organiser to join the bandwagon.
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Composites market to double in Asia
Asian countries are increasing their market share of global composite production at a faster rate than Europe or the US, according to the recently concluded JEC show in Singapore.
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Tiprex concludes on a high
Beating expectations from the industry was the recently concluded Tiprex show in Thailand that had a turnout of 8,000 visitors.
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Rubber Journal Asia



Curing by light
A new range of elastomer products that can be cured by simply exposing it to UV light has been introduced by Momentive Performance Materials.
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Second leg of speciality chemical plant
Wacker Chemie and Dow Corning are constructing the second phase of their pyrogenic silica plant in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, China.
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Elastic rubber grade for tyres
A range of highly elastic neodymium-polybutadiene (Nd-BR) rubbers has been expanded with the introduction of a high viscosity grade by Lanxess.
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Dunlop Aircraft Tyres to record its centenary
To mark its 100 years in business next year, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is planning to publish a book about its history and is asking its employees to help provide the content.
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New standard for gloves
Since residual accelerator chemicals in medical gloves appear to be a leading cause of allergic contact dermatitis in healthcare workers, a new ASTM International standard allows rubber glove manufacturers to monitor the level of residual chemicals.
One of the largest international standards development and delivery systems in the world, ASTM developed the D7558 standard as a test method for colorimetric/spectrophotometric procedure to quantify extractable chemical dialkyldithiocarbamate, thiuram and  mercaptobenzothiazole accelerators in natural rubber latex and nitrile gloves.


. Injection Moulding Asia


German set-up in India

Machinery maker KraussMaffei has expanded its relationship with India by having set up a local company in Pune recently.

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Hot runner companies to cross-sell products
Hot runner producer Incoe and melt management systems supplier Beaumont Technologies have entered into an agreement that will allow each company to sell the other’s products.
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Mould cavity processes combined
With French company RocTool having acquired the Indumold technology from the Kunststoff Institut Lüdenscheid in Germany, two rapid thermal cycling technologies for injection mould cavities have been combined.
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Multi-component moulding made easy
German toolmaker Zahoransky Formenbau recently introduced a multi-component injection mould that operates on a standard moulding machine without the addition of rotary tables, indexing platens or stack turning technology.
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Giant in the hot runner controls business
Canadian Mold-Masters has acquired UK-based hot runner controller manufacturer PMS Systems based in Hereford, UK.
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