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Furniture mania from old PVC!

What do you do with old PVC banners that cannot be recycled? Simple, turn them into furniture! A Chilean design firm, Reprint Designs, is fabricating PVC waste material recovered from advertising banners into furniture pieces that will surely be conversation stoppers!

But what is interesting about these specially hand crafted pieces of furniture is that they don’t look like they’ve been made of discarded PVC! Santiago-based Reprint has made sofas, chairs, cushions and shower curtains with the recovered PVC banners.

Editor’s Note: You don’t have to take our word that these actually look good visit www.reprint.cl to see for yourself!

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E-News Update
May 2009

Teijin to restructure loss making businesses

rubber journal asia
injection moulding asia
polyurethanes asia
PU elastomers to be sold under new name
Hennecke inks deal with CPS


Lead Feature

PET success in the Middle East

Octal Petrochemicals, an integrated packaging company based in Oman and serving the global market, recently launched a second plant at its site in the south-east city of Salalah. With a capacity of 300,000 tonnes of PET, with an additional 500,000 tonnes to be added in 2011, the company produces virgin PET resin for export (Europe and the US are its largest markets) and PET sheet direct from the reactor through a patented process from the US. The company has ambitious expansion plans and is working to convert large-volume packaging producers to its sheet product.
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Company News

Teijin to restructure loss making businesses
Japanese Teijin Group will restructure its engineering plastics and fibres businesses in view of the lower profits.
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Milacron to sell its assets in a restructuring exercise
Following its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection announcement in March, US machinery maker Milacron has signed an agreement with its two biggest lenders, Avenue Capital Group and DDJ Capital Management, to assume its debts in exchange for its assets.

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Chemical companies face the brunt of the recession
If first quarter results are an indicator of future performances, the year is going to be a challenging one for companies like Sabic, Dow Chemical, BASF, Bayer, DSM, Clariant and Borealis.
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US companies restructure, with more job cuts
In line with its restructuring plan, DuPont announced 2,000 job cuts, while PolyOne will continue with its actions to lower spending and reduce capital expenditure, in view of its first quarter loss of 35%.
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Rhodia gung ho about Asia and Latin America
Having posted a first quarter loss of EUR134 million, French company Rhodia expects the Asian and Latin American markets to uplift its sales volume in the second quarter.
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Materials News

Borealis starts up new capacity for Europe
Austrian company Borealis has started up new capacity for HDPE grades for gas and drinking water pipe at its Schwechat plant.
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Sarlink ups TPV capacity

Sarlink has opened a new production facility in Genk, Belgium, to double its global capacity for thermoplastic vulcanisate (TPV).
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Mitsubishi launches gas barrier film
Mitsubishi Plastics has launched its super high gas barrier film View-Barrier, which is designed for use in front panels of electronic devices.
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Machinery News


Dryer caters to lower energy use
For processors looking at optimising energy consumption and expanding their systems economically without any large capital outlay, Motan has introduced Luxor A dryer.
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Macchi extends to nine layers
Keeping in line with the trend for higher barrier films, Italian blown film machinery producer Macchi showed a nine-layer line, an extension of its five and seven-layer lines, at the Plastmilan show in March.
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Jomar shuns NPE, introduces energy-saving hybrids

In spite the discounts given by the organiser of the US NPE show (to be held 22-24 June), to make it more attractive to exhibitors, American blow moulding machinery producer Jomar has decided not to participate.
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Rubber Journal Asia

Barwell goes global and invests in China
UK-based rubber machinery supplier Barwell has been renamed as Barwell Global and invested US$1.1 million in a facility in China to reduce its overheads.
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German company looks to Asia for growth
While other European companies are barely staying above water, German ContiTech is confident that it will close its 2009 fiscal year successfully.
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Environmentally friendly tyres in Europe by 2012
Lanxess has welcomed the decision by the European Parliament to label tyres, a step it says is vital towards improved fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and greater safety.
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Tillotson licenses glove technology to Ansell
US-based Ansell Healthcare Products has taken a license from Tillotson to manufacture disposable nitrile gloves in the US and Europe.
This agreement also settled all disputes between the companies and their affiliates related to the manufacture and sale of such gloves. Neil Tillotson and Luc DeBecker developed this glove technology in 1990 and Tillotson Corporation was granted a patent in 1997. The Tillotson patent teaches how to produce a synthetic rubber glove that relaxes after being donned and comfortably conforms to the contours of the wearer’s hand.  All other terms of the license are confidential.

. Injection Moulding Asia


Sporty look to vehicle
BASF’s ABS/PA blend, known as Terblend N NG 02, is being used for a ski hatch opening in the new Opel Insignia.
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New BMW installed with black panels
The demand by motorists for increasing sophistication in top-end cars has seen the introduction of PC black panels by Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) and the BMW Group.
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Metal finish with back moulding
A surface insert moulding process is using metal foils, thus improving on metallisation usually achieved by plating or by glueing/screwing on a metal cover.
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Polyurethanes Asia       

PU elastomers to be sold under new name
Dow Hyperlast has expanded its Diprane and Hyperlast PU elastomers product lines with the addition of Vorastar TDI-based prepolymers from Dow Polyurethanes.
Vorastar prepolymers, which will now be sold under Diprane and Hyperlast product names, enable the extension of the currently available range of quasi prepolymer systems. These prepolymers are suitable in areas where wear and tear and durability are critical application requirements, such as mining, material handling and a multitude of industrial uses. Dow acquired Hyperlast in 2007.

Hennecke inks deal with CPS
PU machinery maker Hennecke has forged a partnership with Austrian Customer Polymer Solutions (CPS) for new machinery development and to distribute its products.
Due to the continuing growth for PU cast elastomer machinery, both companies are confident that the market will grow further. According to CPS CEO Arno Petter, “The partnership with Hennecke shows that there is still significant potential to be tapped within a specific market segment.

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