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Making light of rubbish

South African designer Heath Nash has devised a novel way of reusing what is thrown out by other people. In fact, his range of products, which is made of mostly HDPE and PP bottles, both white and coloured, is named “Other People’s Rubbish”!

Heath started working on his portfolio of mainly lampshades and screens in 2004. He is most known for his flower ball shaped lampshades. While previously he just used the sides of bottles, lately he has taken to using other parts of the bottle like the handle and base. He also says, “I don’t use much PET, but I have plans to use more of it in the future.”

The former Zimbabwean national credits his technique of cutting bottles to form useful pieces to another fellow country man, Richard Mandongwe. The products are sold directly from his studio and showroom in Cape Town, South Africa. “I also export to a number of wholesalers around the world, in Australia, Finland, Norway and other countries,” he says.

And to ensure he has an abundant supply of raw materials, he has set up a company that collects, cleans and cuts the bottles. This, Heath says, not only keeps the environment free of rubbish but also creates cottage industry type of jobs – a cavalier gesture indeed!

Editor’s note: Check out Heath’s website: www.incapetown.com

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E-News Update
June 2009

Lanxess pushes ahead in Asia

More domestic visitors at Chinaplas
rubber journal asia
injection moulding asia
polyurethanes asia



Lead Feature

Palm oil becomes a part of WPCs

With the trend towards wood composites (plastic/wood chip or flour composites) or WPCs growing in the Asian region, especially in China, many companies are jumping on the additives bandwagon. Malaysian plastics/rubber additives supplier Performance-Additives Sdn Bhd has taken a different route to this with the introduction of a renewably-sourced range that is made from palm oil, a commodity that is available in abundance in the country. This is purportedly the first in the region and the use of palm oil derivatives makes the renewably-sourced WPCs a much more attractive option.
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Company News

Lanxess pushes ahead in Asia

Despite the slow down, speciality chemicals company Lanxess is forging ahead with its expansion plans in Asia with the acquisition of Indian company Gwalior Chemical and Chinese Jiangsu Polyols Chemical.
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Business swap planned by two majors
Netherlands-based DSM Engineering Plastics and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) will exchange two of their engineering plastics businesses. DSM will swap its Xantar polycarbonate (PC) for MCC's Novamid nylon unit.
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More PE capacity in the Middle East

Two companies, Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) and Equate Petrochemical, are adding on more PE capacity in the region.
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Inergy expands in India and China
Solvay and Plastic Omnium joint venture company, Inergy Automotive Systems, is expanding its capacity in India and China.
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South Korean LED facility
Dow Corning has set up a silicone production unit exclusively to produce light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in Jincheon, South Korea, to support the booming global LED market and meet the needs of customers in Asia.
The Jincheon site will manufacture silicone intermediate materials and encapsulants –essential elements in the LED packaging applications. Silicone encapsulants are used for protecting and sealing LED semiconductor chips, increasing light output and minimising heat build-up.

Antioxidant derivatives facility starts up
Songwon Industrial has commissioned its new US$20 million isobutylene (IBL) facility, located at its Maeam site in South Korea.
Purportedly the first large scale IBL facility globally, with a total capacity of 30,000 tonnes, it is based on proprietary TBA (t-butanol) cracking technology. This has a number of key advantages in comparison with the other technologies to produce IBL, which are mostly derived from oil.  IBL is a component that is used by Songwon in its range of antioxidants. The company also says it will use less energy to achieve its production volume.

Materials News


New PP for automotive and packaging applications

Meanwhile in Austria, Borealis has started up an additional gas phase reactor to produce high flow PP materials.
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UN trumpets banning the bag
It’s bad enough when countries and governments wage war on plastic bags, now even the United Nations (UN) has gotten on the ban-the-bag wheels in motion!
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Rapid heat dissipation from new filler
Japanese firm Teijin will start producing a highly thermally carbon fibre, which it says is able to conduct heat better than metals like silver or copper.
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PE and now PP to be produced from sugar cane
Having already started up its pilot plant for sugar cane ethanol a few months ago, Brazilian chemicals company Braskem is investing EUR3 million in R&D for propylene from sugar cane.
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Security features embedded in PC film
In 2008, debit card fraud with counterfeit cards caused losses of around EUR40 million in Germany. Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) hopes to put a stop to this with its new PC film.
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Flame retardant PC film/sheet for electronics
Another breakthrough in PC comes from Chinese film producer Mianyang Longhua Film and Dow Chemical.
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Machinery News

Trialling for bio films in the US

An area that US company Davis-Standard expects its co-extrusion pilot line to be used for is research into biodegradable films.
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Engel pull with new developments
Held against the backdrop of the dismal market situation, injection moulding machinery company Engel’s recent technology seminar, nevertheless, attracted 2,000 visitors from 45 countries.
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Film capability stretched
Malaysian cast stretch film producer Scientex Packaging Film has purchased its second line from US supplier Gloucester Engineering.
The 4,000 mm, seven-layer line will be delivered to the company’s Pulau Indah facility by the end of the year. Established in 1996, Scientex has grown to become one of the largest PE stretch film producers in Asia. It has a total of seven lines with an annual production capacity of over 85,000 tonnes of films, which are exported to over 60 countries globally.

Exhibition News

Cosmopolitan Bangkok show
For the Thai plastics industry to be more competitive, the Thai Plastics Industry Association (TPIA) is setting up the Thai Plastics Institute and also endorsing Tiprex.
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More domestic visitors at Chinaplas

The show had to contend with not only the global economic crisis but also HINI flu outbreak and the rainy weather in Guangzhou. But, nevertheless, it had around 70,000 visitors, albeit 4% lower than last year.
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K show back in 2010, with the ‘big names”
In spite of the global recession, the K show organiser says the 2010 event has seen all the “big names” signing up this year.
The registration for the show closed in May with all the 19 halls occupied. Messe Düsseldorf  says some 3,000 exhibitors are expected at the mammoth plastics and rubber trade show. It will be held from 27 October to 3 November 2010.
More information is available from www.k-online.de

Rubber Journal Asia


Self-healing elastomer
A rubber material where cracks or breaks can be repaired simply by putting the fractured surfaces back together and applying light pressure is now in the final stages of commercialisation.
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. Injection Moulding Asia

Moving forward in Asia
Injection moulding machinery producer Nissei Plastic Industrial and gas-assisted moulding technology supplier Cinpres Gas Injection are expanding their reach in Asia.
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Expanding flexibility in injection moulding
Husky Injection Molding Systems has expanded its line of temperature controllers and hot runners.
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Sumitomo cancels Indian jv and strengthens German plant
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery will invest EUR50 million to turn its German plant into an all-electric machine hub. It has also ended its joint venture agreement in India.
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Polyurethanes Asia      

PU seminar to unlock potentials in a recession
The American PU technical conference in October will lean towards the recessionary period with papers on how to maximise the current global situation.
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Asian expansions
PU machinery supplier KraussMaffei has expanded its capacity in Asia at its Okazaki, Japan, and Shanghai, China, facilities.
The expanded resources relate to process and component development and for production and mould design. Having been in Shanghai since 2001, KraussMaffei supplies PU equipment mainly to the automotive industry. Set up in Okazaki in 2006, KraussMaffei has developed its customer base in Japan.

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