66 Taiwanese Petrochem and plastics-rubber companies showcase sustainable solutions at NPE in the US

Toray invests US$365 mn to expand fibre capacities in South Korea

A joint promotion to introduce Taiwan Petrochemical Materials and Machinery Companies for cross-Industry collaboration in the US Market.

The largest plastics and rubber industry trade show in the Americas, NPE, took place from May 6 to 10 at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando. After a six-year hiatus, the event returned with around 2,000 exhibitors and recorded over 50,000 registrants.

This year's focus included innovative applications for plastics and rubber in the automotive, construction, consumer goods, medical, and packaging industries. The show highlighted industry trends such as new materials, high-performance automation, and recycling.

Sixty-six Taiwanese companies specialising in petrochemical and plastics-rubber materials and machinery participated, with 17 companies organised by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and 15 by the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI). They showcased Taiwan’s machinery strengths in the Taiwan Pavilion and collaborated with businesses to host flash product presentations, demonstrating Taiwan’s latest industrial solutions.

Taiwan Smart Industry Pavilion: showcasing integrated supply chains

Taiwan, which ranks sixth globally in plastics and rubber equipment exports, has a comprehensive plastics and rubber industry supply chain, from petrochemical cracking and plastics production to machinery and end products, positioning the country as a key supplier in the global plastics and rubber market.

Recently, Taiwan has embraced smart manufacturing, eco-friendly materials, and 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) trends, offering sustainable and innovative solutions.

The "Taiwan Smart Industry Pavilion" highlighted the complete supply chain through cross-industry collaboration. Alongside machinery, the Plastics Industry Development Centre exhibited thermoplastic composites for electric vehicle parts and aerospace applications.

Eight major raw material manufacturers also participated, including recycled pellet producer Horng En, functional plastics TPU and ABS brand GRECO, custom colour masterbatch producer KCI Master, synthetic fibre leader Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp, optical material giant Guide Win, processing filament brand Zig Sheng, as well as the two major petrochemical brands Formosa Plastics (FPC) and LCY. These companies showcased Taiwan’s latest and diverse industrial raw materials at NPE.

Taiwanese machinery innovators focus on US industry transformation

To promote the technological advantages of Taiwanese machinery, TAITRA hosted ten "Smart Machinery Guerrilla Shows" during the exhibition. These events featured Taiwan’s innovations in machine performance, energy efficiency, and carbon reduction.

Demonstrations included FCS’s high-efficiency, energy-saving injection molding machines, Polystar Machinery’s upgraded recycling and re-pelletizing equipment, Chumpower Machinery’s all-electric large-capacity blow molding solutions, Plas Alliance and Lung Meng’s smart bag-making systems, and Intype’s bioplastic pelletizing solutions.

In total, TAITRA estimated that these shows could bring in more than US$13.9 million in potential orders for Taiwanese machinery brands.

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